don't think outside the box - eliminate the box


so, what does a real estate law firm do?


we prepare and review documents such as deeds, easements, lease and lease purchase contracts, mortgages, purchase and sale contracts, refinances, shared driveway agreements, title examinations, and much more.  

we also "close" transactions by assisting in the signing, funding and filing of documents that convey the property.

blue ink title exists to help buyers, sellers, investors, agents, brokers, lenders, mortgage professionals, builders and developers fulfill their goals and dreams. 

maybe we're real estate nerds, but we thrive on engaging in all aspects of the real estate industry from the actual raw land to the paper that transfers it.


how does blue ink title compare to other law firms?


the simple answer is - 

we don't.


blue ink title is different because we choose not to think like lawyers - we view ourselves as creative  real estate professionals first and lawyers second.

instead of jumping to standard legal conclusions, we work best by eliminating the conventional "box".  we examine the issue, find multiple solutions that work for all parties involved, and then determine the legal confines to structure the solution.  

we believe that working from this perspective achieves better results.



what else makes blue ink title different?


blue ink title strives to be a small firm that the local community can readily access.  

we want our clients to drop in for a cup of coffee and a chat, to call with any kind of questions, and to share in each others success.

our business model isn't based on volume - it's based on the people we meet and the community we serve.