the team



mehrnush saadat, esq.

mehrnush was born in new york but considers herself an atlanta native having lived in the metro area for 30+ years. she grew up in cobb county and purchased her first home in kennesaw in 2005. upon acceptance to law school at ga state university, she decided to move to the city [largely due to her disdain for atlanta traffic]. since then, she has come to love the city life, especially the wonderful local restaurants, the beltline, piedmont park, and the constantly changing architectural landscape in all the intown neighborhoods. her current home in old fourth ward was purchased in 2011 and she has no plans to live outside the city [ever] again.  

mehrnush received her bachelors from kennesaw state university in 2004 and her juris doctorate from georgia state university in 2014. during the decade in between, she obtained extensive experience in the corporate world in sales, management and marketing, as well as over a decade of real estate experience as a real estate agent practicing residential, condominium, land, and commercial brokerage.

mehrnush is a member of the american bar association, state bar of georgia, and the national association of realtors.

her native languages include english and farsi, and believes her spanish skills to be better than they actually are.


samantha deixler


samantha moved to atlanta from the jersey shore in 2013.  she currently lives in smyrna with her boyfriend, their 1.5 year old daughter braylie and dog rex. braylie sometimes serves as blue ink's paralegal but tends to nap on the job.

in contrast to jersey, sam loves all things atlanta - except the sports teams.  samantha has season's tickets to the falcons and loves supporting them at the mercedes staidum...unless they're playing the giants.  as to baseball, she's a mets fan through and through.  don't ask how she feels about the braves.

samantha received her bachelor’s from georgian court university in 2013.  here she played softball for the university, which was a major part of her life growing up.  after moving to atlanta after graduation, samantha started as a pre-closer at a bigger real estate closing firm in 2015.  

samantha and mehrnush first met at this big firm in 2015 and spent most of their days at work laughing together.  both left in 2016 [mehrnush started blue ink title and samantha had her daugher]. after much persuasion, samantha came back into the workforce and joined blue ink title in october of 2017 as the closer.

her native languages include english and a little bit of yiddish.


kacey hamlin

pre- closer

kacey was born and raised in jersey and moved to atlanta in 2013 with her best friend of twenty years, samantha -- yes, the very same samantha from above.  

neither samantha nor kacey had ever been to georgia, knew anyone who lived here, and had no job prospects when they packed up their cars and headed south on a hope, a prayer, tank of gas [and maybe $20].

kacey has a background in emergency response which is a great tie in to real estate since it seems like everything is on fire all the time.  since starting at blue ink title in december 2017, kacey has soaked in all the real estate information she possibly could; she can call off zip codes from memory, know who an agents closing coordinator is and whether they prefer emails or phone calls. 

she does not, however, understand where kirkwood is in relation to the city and once drove all the way back to smyrna at 5:00 pm for her 7:00 pm dinner reservation at rathbun's.   

kacey married her celebrity chef and restaurateur husband in april 2018.  unfortunately, he has yet to make a meal for the team at blue ink and there has been mounting contention abut this issue.  kacey and her husband live in smyrna with their two pocket beagles and they’re known for throwing the best crawfish boil on the block.